Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Casual Park Attire

I'm headed to the park by the river to meet up with a group of friends and do absolutely nothing but lay in the grass, watch the river swirl by and hang out. Everyone shows up looking effortlessly put together in a 'I don't want to look like I really tried, but I actually changed outfits like 10 times before I decided on this' sort of way. It's cool, I do it too. Swap this for that...change the shoes...add the scarf...oh but now the shoes don't work...change the jeans...no maybe the tan skirt...oh, I don't know, maybe I had it right the first time!

Searching through http://www.etsy.com/ (including my own shop!) I came up with this example of a casually spectacular outfit that is just right for watching the river roll by on a lazy afternoon.
This Rainbow Fish inspired t-shirt gives you that unique aquatic-chic edge. This is a super-soft and stretchy grey skinny tee that I embellished with circular scales of various colors. The scales are attached by machine appliqué and cut from upcycled, gently used t-shirts. You can find this at http://www.arthiel.etsy.com/ along with pages of other fashionable creations.

I know I'm going to throw on my ripped/faded/torn flared bluejeans with the button flap back pockets. They were made to fit my body and get better with each wash. This cool navy blue sueded leather wrist cuff made from a recycled belt and a large antique brass buckle will not only accentuate the toughened up look a bit, but it will pull out the navy blue scales on the shirt. You can find this particular cuff at http://www.dinglewear.etsy.com/ amongst a shop full of edgy wrist accessories.

Definitely throwing on the pink newsboy with my hair down! I love how this baby pink hand crocheted brimmed newsboy hat not only softens the look a bit, but it brings out the pale pink scales on the shirt as well. Best part is I don't have to worry about how my hair looks! You can find this hat at http://www.btrflymom.etsy.com/ with over a hundred others to choose from in a wide variety of colors and styles.

Hmmmm, what else does my look need? Of course my brown and tan leather deck shoes that are so soft and broken in. Hmmm - Oh Yeah! Earrings! I know just the perfect pair.
These 'dot dot dot' earrings in a sweet cornflower blue are created from flat glass circle beads that sit on sterling silver handmade swoops. They'll peek out just perfectly from my hat, and I don't even have to tell you that they were just made to wear with the shirt! You can find these at www.boldsimple.etsy.com from a Boston artist who feels "that jewelry should make a statement (sometimes just a quiet one)."
I wonder what the others will be wearing...OK, I'm out the door now because I'm not going to change a thing about this outfit!
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You can visit my shop at www.arthiel.etsy.com


  1. What a wonderful outfit for a day in the park! Perfect choices!

  2. Thank you so much for including me in your fun day at the park outfit! I love your blog and will bookmark it to see what other great things you find, now that I know you have great taste! :)
    ps I love your etsy shop too!
    jill (boldsimple)

  3. Simple, but very cute--I like it!

    Gwenn (iluvmygrlz@yahoo.com)

  4. I love the wrist cuff - I don't think I've seen one in such a vibrant blue before.


  5. I don't think I have ever seen a cuff like that ever..I'm not much of a shopper though. Def. an interesting accessory that can be worn with lots of outfits.

    Gwenn (iluvmygrlz@yahoo.com)