Saturday, March 21, 2009

I & I Jah Rastafari!

My parents raised us with a lot of Rastafarian/Jamaican appreciation, showing us movies like Countryman, listening to Bob Marley and other reggae, taking me to spend a summer on that beloved little island, even naming their son Rosta. The way of life goes even deeper than that, I know, but these are just a few to name. Needless to say, whenever I see those four colors together, black, red, yellow and green, I am simply drawn to them. The Rastafarian influence on fashion is what inspired me to sift through the handmade listings on to select some of the stand-out designs and share with you.

This Rasta mama hemp chevron skirt is simply stunning for both a laid back or dressed up occasion. The artist "hand dyed hemp muslin in black, yellow, red, & green, cut the stripes out on an angle & sewed them back together in 4 panels that gradually get bigger at the bottom. This is one of those skirts that you will want to LIVE in & never take off." You can tell this skirt was made with precision, care, and love. Find it at .

This Bob Marley messenger bag is actually one of my own creations. I started with a gently used Bob Marley t-shirt and just went from there, piecing the brilliant bold Rasta colors together wherever I could. The inside just pops with all the same colors as lining and pockets. You can find this bag, along with other fashionable creations, at .

This little Rasta wrist purse is just so cute I almost can't stand it! (In a good way, of course.) "It's complete with a wrist strap and a vintage style snap opening". The artist attached a silk black bow with mini pearls as an accent. This purse is perfect for all the little things like money, cards, keys. You can find it at .

These hand woven thread earrings, 'Rastafarian Classics', just speak for themselves. What a beautiful and fun way to "add a little spunk to you wardrobe. These earrings are lightweight and created using Alpaca Sterling, which will not rust or tarnish and is hypoallergenic." You will find these at among several other color combination choices of the same style.

I'm thinking throw on a pair of favorite bluejeans, those earrings and this super sexy Bob Marley halter top, and you are irie and good to go! "This vintage tee got a mad*foxes makeover - now it's a slender cut girl's halter with a deep U-neck and halter ties." Find this and several other vintage and rock inspired girl's tops at .

You may even want to slip this on your wrist before you call the outfit complete. This Rasta colors bangle is "made by Sema na Kufanya, a group of HIV+ widows in Kibera, Kenya (see to learn more. 100% of all profits will reach them," making this fashion statement a good cause as well. You can find this at along with other beaded pieces handmade from the same group of women.

While I would certainly not recommend wearing all of these pieces together at once (unless that's your style, of course, I won't hate), each of these creations packs a bold fashion flavor on it's own, or even paired up with one or two of the others. Have fun, be bold, Jah provide!

And remember to buy handmade!

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  1. That's a rockin' outfit..have a friend who would totally dig that!

    Gwenn (

  2. And YAY! My Bob Marley Messenger sold!

  3. I love the Bob Marley Messenger bag! And now I see that it's sold! Hahaha - hope the owner loves it!


  4. I like the beaded bracelet the best, I think and I have a friend who loves rainbows, so I think she would love it as well..will def.have to pass this site along to some gf's!

    Gwenn (