Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stunning Color Combo - Turquoise and Coral

Today's recommended color combo is one I'm sure you have all seen before. It has been featured in many front page treasuries ( and really packs a punch when worn correctly. Searching through the pages of handmade fashion, I came across the following pieces to create the perfect look for a party or night on the town.

Wow them all with this show-stopper! This deep v-neck sleeveless knit dress w/contrast tie belt really caught my eye on this mannequin; imagine how many eyes it will catch on a beautiful body! I love the plunging neckline which reaches daringly low to the dark blue sash tying high on the smallest part of the waist, lending to a slimming effect. You can find this dress, plus many other handmade beauties created by this Wisconsin artist, at .

Alright, now let's add just a touch of contrasting color to really make this outfit radiant. This genuine turquoise and antique red coral long necklace will drape beautifully along your the revealing neckline, showcasing the elegance of your style. "This opera length necklace uses a traditional combination of materials to stunning effect. Gorgeous Kingman turquoise beads from Arizona are paired with antique red coral barrel beads. The gemstones are natural and undyed, a striking color combination that has been popular since ancient times...Larger sterling beads add drama and movement to the piece." Find this necklace at along with other colorful jewelry that is sure to suite your taste.

Add another punch of color with this turquoise cuff bracelet, worn on the arm with the contrasting dark blue shoulder of the dress. "6 strands of turquoise are strung on beading wire to form this stunning cuff", demanding

that it be noticed next to your perfectly manicured hands. This piece can be found at with pages of irresistible handmade jewelry creations.

Complete the look with a final splash of radiance by slipping on a pair of deep coral colored wedges with a touch of silver detail. You are ready to make the color statement of the evening with bold subtlety, as you stand apart from the little black dresses of the night.

And remember to buy handmade!

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  1. ARThiel, your choices are so great.

  2. Gorgeous choices. I love that dress! All of the colors pop so beautifully.

  3. What a sexy dress! Love the colors and the fabric looks delightful.

    Gwenn (