Sunday, March 15, 2009

What To Wear, What To Wear?

What to wear, what to wear? Today it's a little chilly, and I plan on walking the few blocks to my ladies lunch at the trendy new café. Spring is around the corner, so I'm not afraid of color, I'm just not quite feelin' the bright sunshiny floral prints yet. Browsing through the plethora of handmade goods at , I put together this look for an idea of how you can begin to add color to your 'ready for winter to be over, but not quite springy yet' wardrobe.

I absolutely know that I want to wear this handmade mojo love dress. I know nobody else out there will be lookin' like me, because this one is one of a kind. This Australian artist describes her process. " I hand-select materials one by one, then design and make each piece with care, expertise, and a unique sense of fun and colour." You can find this dress at along with a shop full of figure flattering, "vintage-inspired women's clothing handmade from reclaimed materials. Nobody else will own the same, and each garment reduces waste instead of contributing to consumption."

After slipping on my black stretch tights and knee-high black leather boots, I wrap this beautiful Shibori dyed silk chiffon scarf loosely around my neck. The artist "hand painted this silk chiffon scarf using the Shibori technique. Wound around a pole, tied tightly with string, then dyes applied. The fun part is unwrapping the scarf when you are done, unpredictable and one of a kind." Oh, these pieces must've been made for each other! You can find this scarf, and many others in a gorgeous array of beautiful colors at .

Now all I need to do is throw on a fitted black blazer, some silver bangles, sweep up my hair, and grab this 'Pink Sherbert' luminous metallic clutch, hand painted and embellished with crochet applique and Swarovski crystals. This sweet little handbag will be "shimmering in the most elegant way" as I'm walking along on a cool sunny day. You can find this clutch at at a very affordable price.
Now that the look is complete, it's time to hit the street!
All of these featured items are one of a kind, so act fast, because once they are gone, there won't be another like it.
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  1. Hi I just love your selections for what to wear, what to wear? Often times I find myself saying the same thing. All it takes is one favorite little piece to get it all together. Thanks so much for featuring my shop!

  2. This isn't my type of dress but I do have friends that would adore the unusual, one of a kind pieces you have selected for this post!

    Gwenn (