Friday, April 3, 2009

Muted Metallics and City Walls

Another architectural inspiration, and another city look... I can't help but be inspired by the countless windows and their reflections framed by the muted walls of the tall city skyscrapers. So inspired, in fact, that I designed and created this City Walls Remnant Tunic and searched for the perfect handmade and vintage accessories to make the look just perfect.

This tunic length tank top was created by sewing several strips of various lengths and colors of fabric together, including a variety of metallics and sheens, as well as muted greens, blues and white. The button detail on the neckline is reminiscent of metal bolts, and the rectangles appliqu├ęd over the hips remind me of the blocks of paint covering past graffiti markings. This tunic is one of a kind, never to be repeated exactly, even if I tried. You can find it at along with a shop full of other fashionable designs.

Of all the colors used in the top, I want to pull out the copper the most, and can do so by carrying this Metallic Clutch Purse folded over nicely, tucked under my arm. You can find this copper clutch at , and the same design in silver as well.
I have a pair of soft gray, almost white they're so faded, stretch skinny jeans that I'll wear underneath, tucked securely into these Vintage 60s Tan Leather 'Pappagallo' Buckle Go go Boots. They have just the right amount of copper tones to belong with this look. You can find these boots, and other fantastic vintage apparel, at .

Because there is so much detail in the neckline, I'm going to skip wearing a necklace. Instead I'll pull my hair up loosely and throw on these Click Earrings. In fact, I think these earrings are such a perfect match for my tunic, they should just get married and make lots of beautiful babies...Hmmm, that's something to think about. The artist gives further reason to want these. "They click when you wear them. Makes you want to shake your head a bit. Kinda sexy. Simple. Natural." You'll find these earrings at along with a shop full of some of the most beautiful handmade jewelry made from natural stone "carefully selected from the beaches of the beautiful lakes of Northern Idaho."
What could be a better finishing touch than this Peek a Boo Copper Bangle Bracelet? This "geometric piece of hammered copper and its organic flow of the squares has been pounded then waxed to show off it's beauty." Not only does the copper fit right in, but the random rectangles and squares mirror the architectural quality reflected in the tunic. You'll find this bracelet at , along with the Lahaina, Maui based artist's shop full of jewelry and artwork.
Now, my look is complete and I'm ready to hit the city streets...and hopefully not blend into the walls! If I did, it would have to be one super city-chic wall.
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  1. The tunic is awesome..just like wearing a piece of artwork. Love the accessories as well, especially the Click earrings.

    Gwenn (

  2. Me too, don't they look like they were just made for each other?

  3. I love this outfit - particularly the tunic! The accessories all match perfectly. My favorite accessory is either the earrings or the bracelet, but I'm having trouble deciding which.

    After reading this post, I visited StoneStudios, and now have a much longer wish list too!